This website,, is privately owned, privately maintained, and privately financed.
The original idea was, and still is, to provide information about the building and its locale for those who own units in the Privateer North.
Access to the "Owners' Area" is limited to those unit owners who have provided the webmaster
with a confidential eight (8) character password, which should contain at least one or more of the following:
uppercase and lowercase letters, at least one numeral, and your choice of a symbol such as any of the following: $ % & * ? ( > } ^ < !.

All information found on this site that concerns the Association and its property is provided by the front desk and/or the management firm under the direction of the Board of Directors.
The web site makes no guarantee of the reliability of any material found on this site: some material, as noted above, is provided by the Association and/or its representatives, some by external sources.
The webmaster will attempt to remove from the site in a timely manner any material that he (or his committtee) may find inaccurate, inappropriate, or salacious.

Due to the fact that the website is not an official organ of the Privateer North Condominium Association or its Board of Directors,
it is, therefore, not subject to any portion of Florida statute 720.303 regarding (4) OFFICIAL RECORDS or (5) INSPECTION AND COPYING OF RECORDS.
This being the case, the directories found herein will not contain any personal or private information unless unequivocally directed to do so by the unit owner.
However, for emergency purposes the directory will display each parking slot marked with the unit number to which it is deeded.

It is expected that each of the members of the Board of Directors, due to their elected positions, will endeavor to maintain both an active telephone number and email address on the site.

Gary D. Gross